2019 Leatt Youth GPX 5.5 MX Helmet Red/Teal

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LBR YH19 GPX 5.5
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In our world, crashes are a reality. Impossible to avoid, all you can do is give yourself the best possible chance of keeping trauma to a minimum. The solution is to go and get the best helmet you can find that reduces both rotation and impact energy to your head and brain! Leatt helmets feature category-defining 360 Turbine Technology and they are both ECE and DOT certified. The helmet is lined with turbines, which are 360 moving discs constructed from an energy-absorbing shape and material. This technology has two key advantages, namely the reduction of rotational acceleration to the head and brain and the absorption of energy upon impact at concussion level. Then the entire outer shell is reduced in volume, resulting in a decrease of rotational acceleration to the head and brain at impact, and proving that a smaller shell is a safer shell. Made from the highest rated Polymer Compound, the shell plays a key role in dissipating impact energy and provides quality protection that gives that extra bit of confidence you need out there. The multi-density, V-shaped impact foam is molded directly to the outer shell, making it possible for us to reduce the outer shell size and still achieve the highest level of impact protection - proving that a smaller shell is a safer shell. Even at low speed, Leatt helmets facilitate all-round ventilation. Now with a brand-new look, the GPX 5.5 Composite helmet provides new levels of confidence to Thrill-seekers!