DID 520DZ2 Chain G&B (120 Link)

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Product Overview

  • D.I.D is the number one motorcycle chain in the world. D.I.D chains are used by factory races teams from all manufacturers in race series everywhere.
  • The All New D.I.D 520DZ2 is the best value in a lightweight, high-performance chain designed for motocross racing.
  • Designed for off-road riding and motocross.
  • The DZ2 has twice the lifespan of the previous DZ.
  • SDH pin treatment - hard chromium-carbide layer formed on pin surface for exceptional strength and wear resistance.
  • Flexible inner soft core absorbs shock.
  • Rated for up to a 450cc motocross bike.
  • Includes a clip-style master link.
  • Notes: DZ and DZ2 Connecting Links are not interchangeable. Non-sealed chains require more regular maintenance than sealed (O-ring, X-ring) versions and are mainly recommended for off-road use.
  • D.I.D's exclusive SDH (Super DH) pin treatment is the secret behind the superior performance of the DZ Series chains. This high-tech pin treatment forms an extremely hard chromium carbide layer on the pin's surface while maintaining a soft inner core. SDH treated pins have extreme impact strength while maintaining outstanding shock absorption. This treatment creates a chain with anti-oxidation properties and superior wear resistance against invasion of hard foreign materials.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review