Maxima 2T Formula K2 100% Ester Synthetic (SAE 40w) 1 Litre

MA 22901
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  • Formula K2 is a very high performance 100% synthetic 2-cycle lubricant utilizing 2000 centistoke esters along with special additives to achieve outstanding levels of protection and cleanliness.
  • Friction and wear, ring sticking and exhaust tract (power valve) carbon are virtually eliminated.
  • Also provides higher levels of rust & corrosion protection.
  • Recommended Premix Ratios: 50-80cc (24-32:1) | 125cc (24-40:1) | 250cc (24-40:1) | 500cc and up (32-60:1).
  • CAUTION: Store away from open flame or excessive heat.
  • Protect from contamination.
  • Dispose of any unused oil per local regulations.